Email Archiving for Your Business

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Businesses of all sizes depend on email to impart both internally and remotely. Your business will probably convey several emails per week, if not more. Thus, archiving email is curiously significant. Email archiving is diverse to simply backing up or keeping emails in the inbox. It includes putting your emails, moreover in the cloud or on-premise, in a protected environment, which can be handily searched and inspected. This implies the emails can’t be corrupt or deleted, yet they can be looked and seen.

What is the need for Email Archiving for Business

Archiving email has various advantages for your business. Archiving assists you remain officially agreeable by keeping a communications record. It can facilitate in a genuine situation where you need some record of communication. It can assist you with recover data; deal with your IP and enhance efficiency.

How does it work?

The archive is accumulate at a secondary location (either on-premise, or regularly in a safe cloud environment) and uses an automatic system that concentrates email message contents and connections from your selected email accounts. The contents are then put away in a listed read- only configuration where you can utilize progressed search tools to find vague messages and reports.

Benefits of Email Archiving for Business

Similarly archiving your email will free up essential storage space, diminishing the pressure that is put on your internal Email server hardware. It additionally furnishes you with a central location where you can effortlessly get to email content. This assists your association in the event a legalized issue and avoids issues related with accidental deletion or loss of email messages.

Advantages of Email Archiving

  • indefinite cloud based email archiving including internal email, folders, calendar and contacts
  • Complete Audit trail
  • Data retention and eDiscovery strategy
  • Encrypted storage on AWS cloud
  • HIPAA, SOX (and more) principles compliance and Audited access trail
  • Instantly accessible via your browser – find archived emails in seconds
  • No hardware / software  required
  • Secure transfer from your email server
  • Optional Active Directory integration for seamless Microsoft Windows authentication