Why should you use an email archiving solution

Email Archiving Best Practices

FRCP says that both business and government agencies should preserve copies of email- both internal and external- for future requests. Agencies and firms find it very difficult as well expensive when they try to achieve salvage of emails and data from backup tapes. Today Email Archiving is the best and cost effective method for organizations (both public and private) to assure swift and thorough responses at any time.

Why should you use an email archiving solution

The 6 Best Practices for Email Archiving are:

  1. Define Policies Early: Establishing preservation and deletion policies at the outset would prevent storage from rising to an insurmountable amount. The policy should set guidelines for your standards and how end users should follow the policy is satisfactory in court provided you can prove your organization abides by it. If you will not have a policy then you will have to keep everything and forever.

  2. Enforce Your Policies: After you have set a policy then it should be enforced quickly and that too with an automated solution.  Automated solution will eliminate the “human” factor of policy enforcement.

  3. Regularly Review and Update your Policies: An organization must regularly review and update their email archiving policies as email archiving is likely to change over time.  One should always update their policies once a year to ensure continued compliance. Also, whenever you make a policy change, you should make sure that the changes are effectively communicated company wide.

  4. Backup Tapes Are Not Archives: Backup tapes cannot be used as your email central repository. They just collect information from the backup point-which would not contain things that have been removed by the end user. They can’t catch the operation when it happens.  Backup tapes don’t have any intelligence to index the email — it’s just a copy.

  5. Stubbing: It provides an instant storage lessening of your email server, sometime up to 80%- removing the need for mailbox quotas and improving the efficiency of your email server by reducing the space, with limited end-user effect for most businesses.

  6. Use a Dedicated Cloud Email Archiving Solution: We recommend you to choose third-party email archiving solution rather than the archiving options given by email providers as they give limited storage option. Third party email archiving solutions are much easier to use and they also comes with wide range of features and that too at a very low price.

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